The Indian Center for Integrated Development (ICID) has been established to empower the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community to lead a dignified life.

ICID is an Initiative of the Indian Dominican Friars.

Our Vision:  A just and free society where child rights are recognized and protected, leading to integral and responsible human development.

Our Mission: Is to inspire, enable and empower children and young people to become actors, in their development for a just and free society.

Core areas of Work and Programs

The organization’s core areas of work are child rights and protection, education, health, women empowerment and livelihood.
Child Protection: Children living on streets, railway station and pavement; begging, rag picking, abandoned, orphaned, lost, missing, run away, trafficked, engaged in paid work; differently abled children, victims of substance abuse, school dropouts, in conflict with law, living with/affected by HIV/AIDS;  and are exposed to exploitation, abuse and neglect; are rescued by the organization. The children are given protective and supportive environment in the organization, where they find safe, dignified and child friendly atmosphere. The organization not only aims at providing relief and support services but also focuses on holistic rehabilitation of children within the organization and into their families. This is done through various programs such as street outreach program and services for children in distress, formation of children’s groups, organizing child right awareness and advocacy programs, CHILDLINE – 24×7 emergency free phone helpline services and Yuvajyothi Children’s Home.
Education: ICID also works on formal and non-formal education through mainstreaming schooling of children, coaching classes in community based centres, life skill education in schools and centres, summer camps for children in slum communities and educational sponsorship for children and youth in need; library services in slum communities, computer literacy, soft skill training for employment and a resource centre for social work students and volunteers.
Health: Promotion of health is done in all the project areas of the organization through health and hygiene awareness, primary health services, health camps and adolescent education, medical referrals and support for children.
Women Empowerment: Women are empowered through regular training. They are sensitized on areas such as social and legal protection, home management, and gender equality. Facilitation is also provided for the formation of self help groups and young women’s groups.
Livelihood: Livelihood training for women on tailoring and vocational training for youth are conducted in collaboration with other institutes throughout the year. Entrepreneurship is promoted among disadvantaged women through interest free loans, along with technical and financial support for goat rearing.