The Indian Center for Integrated Development (ICID) has been established to empower the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community to lead a dignified life.

ICID is an Initiative of the Indian Dominican Friars.

The core area of work of the ICID is the advocacy and protection of children’s rights. ICID strives to nurture healthy development of children and young people who do not have adequate care and protection. Our organization aims to build the skills and resilience of the children in challenging situations by supporting them to access equitable education, health care and other support services that promote their basic rights in relation to child survival, protection, development and participation. Our organization especially works with children with complex needs who are in the greatest need of such support. This includes children who live on the street, are engaged in rag picking and are employed in other menial jobs.  The ICID staff and volunteers are passionate about supporting the unique needs and well being of children and young people.

Our Vision:  A just and free society where child rights are recognized and protected, leading to integral and responsible human development.

Our Mission: Is to inspire, enable and empower children and young people to become actors, in their development for a just and free society.

Core areas of Work and Programs

Child Protection                                                         Education
Yuvajyothi Children’s Home for                                    Balwadi (Kindergarten)
children in difficult situation                                         Formal and Non Formal Education; Tuitions
CHILDLINE 1098, 24 hours emergency                     Life Skill Education; Summer Camps
phone and outreach service for                                  Educational Sponsorship; Library
children in difficult circumstances                              Computer Literacy;
Street Outreach                                                          Employability soft skills training 
Children’s Groups                                                      Resource Centre for Social Work
Child right awareness and advocacy                         students and volunteers
Health                                                                          Women Empowerment
Health and Hygiene Awareness                                  Social and Legal Protection
Primary Health Services                                              Home Management
Medical Referrals and support for children                 Self Help Groups
Health Camps                                                              Young Women’s Groups
Adolescent Health                                                       Gender Equality
Livelihood Training
Job Placement
Livestock Promotion